Slowing Down In India

Slow-mo India! So much happens in a moments time, so I slowed it down so you and I can take it all in, every morsel. The bustle of life here in Varanasi can overwhelm anyone. Yet somehow like a river, the traffic and people flow and keeps moving, and working..... as they say “anything is possible in india”. I know this is true, anything is possible friends, here and in any country #anythingispossible my recent travels feel testament to this ... in a crazy hard political time for my country and it’s relations too.... I’m seeing in the moments here the strength in ‘us’, the people of the world. 

As a western women far from home with a group who too traveled thousands of various miles to be here together, we all joined a collective energy, pooled together beautifully and co-created a peacefulness as we witnessed India. We came and adapted ourselves and experienced a new-to-us-country in a harmonious way. We changed to accommodate the country and we were changed by it. 

People yearn to connect, no matter where in the world they live, pray or die. We are more same then different and we hop on planes, trains, scaryrickshaws rides to feel this. Travel curiosities were answered and experienced for each one of us and for me, the love that has no boundaries OR WALLS to divide, warmed my heart and has filled my travel tired body with hope for the future. 

If we can navigate these crowded streets, foreign languages, varied cultural norms, politically challenged times and find beauty, connection, understanding and commonality then anything is indeed possible. When we didn’t have words to verbalize to the locals, we smiled, bowed, touched our hands in prayer or motioned to the heart and before us crystallized a universal language, a beautiful humanity varied greatly and yet collectively great. 

I believe in ‘us’. 
Thank you James Bailey and #Sevantiadventures for creating this Journey to India retreat and for making world travel so easy and such strong medicine. Thank you new travel friends and all those we met along the way!! Teaching yoga in India each February as part of this retreat has become one of my yearly rituals that continues to renew my body and heart.