Earth Day

Mother Earth Day!

How are you honoring the earth?


As I watched my daughter and the neighborhood kids on earth day climb our beloved front yard tree, I asked myself, how am I giving back to this mother earth who graciously lets me live amongst her beauty, climb her trees, eat her delights and beyond? I love the earth with all my heart and feel still there are so many more ways to show my love. I'm listening and continually learning for new reiterations of how to show my appreciation to this great mother of us all. This love motivated me to wite down things I do currently do to show my love.

Here are five ways I give back to mother earth! And I hope they motivate you to try them and or come up with your own five ways you show your love.

1. Go by foot!

How often do you find yourself quickly grabbing the car keys when you are making a nearby trip? Could you innerweave a new mode of transportation once a week? Take a long walk or bike ride to grab your morning coffee or for the weekends' farmers market.

This is a great opportunity not only to love on our earth but taking a walk or bike ride gives you time to decompress. It gives you space in your day to recharge. I understand that busy feeling of needing to get somewhere quick, but what would it look like to cut some of your to-do list out and give yourself a nice breath of fresh air? I hate riding my bike, says no-one! 

2. BYOC: Bring your own cup!

We have a real drinking problem, and no I am not talking about adult beverages! How often are you dropping by the local coffee shop and taking your drink to go? Use paper and plastic much? To go cups gotta go... Each time you grab your morning joe with your favorite mug, you are very quickly cutting down on your carbon footprint! Buy a local cermaic mug at your local art shop. In my town I love buying new mugs at Anam Cre

3. Be a bag lady!

Do you find yourself at the checkout counter bagless? It can take some time to get into the habit of bringing your bag, but this easy act of saving and reusing bags make makes a difference.

A helpful tip is right when you get home from the store, place your reusable bags at the front door with the intention to grab them the next time you leave the house. Keep bags in your car and in your putrse and eventually, this will become a healthy habit!

4. Become a collector!

I am a big fan of collecting cans, bottles, jars… so much so that my husband Peter takes note of my extensive collection. He finds these collectibles throughout the house and pokes fun at how I use them in very creative ways!

Think of how many times you are buying a container that disappears along the way. What if that container had been an old jar you reused and now its ventured on to a new home to be reused. You can be your own recycling system within your household.

5. Conserve energy!

Yes, I believe in conserving our societies physical energy, but I am talking about our energetic energy here! It's valuable too.

I ended my earth day by explaining to my daughter that we are all interconnected. Us and our earth. That everything we use takes from somewhere and everything we give, repairs somewhere else. We are this beautiful interconnected web of life. Everything I do, affects someone or something in our world and I reminded her that everything she does, says and even thinks effects others.

So how can we all be mindful of how we use your personal energy? Our thoughts, our words and beyond.... Are you giving too much in one place and not enough in another? Have you carved out time in your day to recharge and regenerate your personal energy?