Weekly Public Classes

Cancelled for the Summer - See you in Fall 2020

  • ...it’s been pure joy growing my practice with your on going expertise... I thank you and my body thanks you...
    — Ruth Kempton
  • thank you for your understanding and compassionate heart. Your classes have been a lifeline for me these years. Thank you for all you have shared.
    — Sally Equinoa

Healing Your Core

Private Sessions for Women

This technique combines elements of yoga, breathing, fitness and other wholistic therapeutic modalities for better functional core strength overall. One's relationship to their gut, core, root and womb are restored and brought back to health through movement, meditations and insights into the nature of our root center. This is a beneficial private class for women wanting to heal themselves. Great for those with menstrual challenges, postpartum recovery, infertility, for building core strength and anyone with back pain, pelvic floor pain or who feels their core is not working as well as they'd prefer. 


Tawny Sterios is a mother, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, a doula, circle guide and nature enthusiast.

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