I am so grateful to have attended Tawny’s fall women’s retreat in Big Sur. Tawny is a natural leader, an inspired gatherer of women, a seasoned teacher and an intuitively gifted guide. With her fearless presence, her contagious joy and her willingness to be raw and real, she holds sacred space for powerful magic to emerge. I returned home from my weekend with Tawny feeling deeply restored and positively empowered. I look forward to attending many more of Tawny’s events and magical retreats.
— Lara Day Goldman (retreat guest + Qi Gong teacher)
Tawny, the essence of shakti energy, your fiery red hair and eyes that seam to lock inside of people, past the walls and land mines, that we as humans put between each other, cutting through all the bullshit and subterfuge. Helping everyone you connect with, to see that higher self and how we’re all connected.
— Jeff Porter 2017 (Yoga Student)
Speaking of beauty, your class this morning was a choreography of beauty. Every movement, every breath felt like it was flowing Source. I’m in gratitude of what you bring forth each and every class.
— Joan Judson (Yoga Student)
It was such a joy for me to get out of the house and be around womenfolk. I loved the shake it off movement! It felt sooo good.
— Lisa Burger (New Moon Circle Attendee)
You held the space while I cracked my heart over the spire of India, golden yolk, pure honey, forever changed, I feel the sway and surrender of the fisherman’s line, India is decisive yet not cut-throat, illuminating my inner peace by the way of love. There are no words, but here I try to find a meager few. Thank you! For a trip that takes one deeper down into their in inner cave, where tangible life and heart merge, dance and celebrate.
— Cole (India Retreat)
What a divine experience you gifted us. Your classes were like magic for the soul, medicine for the body, comfort for the mind, and nourishment for the spirit. So for that, I express my DEEPEST gratitude!
— Alee (India Retreat)
I’m settling back into Austin, TX and realizing the low buzz of anxiety I had been tolerating while here- after the quiet and introspection of the Big Sur retreat. I just saw a picture of you - and immediately felt the earth beneath me. My heart burst open with my remembrance of my connection to Mother Earth and grounding. Thank you for being who you are.
— Meghan Dwyer (Big Sur Camping Retreat)
India called, and I went. I didn’t know what to expect, and I still don’t know how to describe my experience. All I can say is that I’m changed...through the many yoga and ayurveda treatments at Somotheeram or the incredible ride down the Ganges River at sunrise/sunset in Varanasi, or the visually stunning Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Most importantly were the incredible women that were with me along the journey. Two weeks = Instant friends for a long, long time. Here’s a look at my journey from February. Go. If you get the chance and can make the pilgrimage.... Go, my friends.
— Staci Griesbach (India Retreat)
Having Tawny as my doula for the birth of my son Louie was the best part of my birth plan. She has a gentle, kind, and peaceful spirit that brought calmness to my 35 hour labor. She guided my partner and I through each contraction and helped ease the pain naturally with applying pressure to my back and the use of essential oils. When the pain from my back labor became too strong and all natural methods were tried, she support my decision for an epidural. With suggestions from her, I was able to birth my son without the use of pitocin! My partner and I are forever grateful that she will always be part of our birth story.
— Elena Parisi


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