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Women's Fall Camping Retreat

  • Big Sur Mill Creek Road Big Sur, CA, 93920 United States (map)

Fall Retreat in Big Sur, California!
Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2019

This weekend retreat hosted at a private property in the serene yet rugged landscape of BIG SUR will be an escape into sisterhood, nature time, self-exploration and celebration. The accommodations are rustic. Think vision quest in nature—you have your essentials... healing land, water (there is a river that runs throughout the property and a beach is in walking distance), fire, sun, fresh air, forest, sisters and compostable toilets! There is one shower and one outdoor tub for us to use too! Welcome to glamping!

Join us for this gathering in a unique setting to unwind and reconnect with self and nature. Invest in yourself, in plenty of relaxation, self-exploration, adventure and transformation! Embrace the change in seasons by slowing down enough to feel them.

Tawny and other camp guides will be guiding you and supporting you through an incredible journey of deep connection, play and empowerment. There will be a fun mix of daily led group movement, rituals, guided meditation, dance, breathing, group sharing, downtime, nature appreciation and community support. Optional massages, photography sessions, hikes, sweat lodge  + beach outings available.

Yoga | Releasing Ceremonies | Dance | Sweat Lodge | Journaling | Nature | Sisterhood

Space limited to 20 women! Grab your spot ASAP as we will sell out!

Investment: $350

There are 2 Tipi’s on site:

∆ Moon Tipi: 8 sisters
∆ Water Tipi: 4 sisters
∆ Bring your own tent: 8 sisters

Please let us know your preference and we will do our best to accommodate.

What to bring: 

  • Sleeping bag, sleeping pad & pillow

  • Your own food for the weekend

  • Comfortable clothes + bathing suit + towel, warm clothes, cool clothes too

  • Sunblock, oils, lotions, face masks

  • Journal & pen, book to read

  • Headlamp or flashlight

  • Wood for the fire if it's easy to bring

  • Openess to what unfolds

Your Guide:

Tawny Sterios

Organizer and hostess for this weekend, I will be facilitating circles, teaching some of the yoga classes, hosting sweat lodges and helping the weekend flow with fun and ease for all. This is my 5th time hosting these gatherings on this property, Big Sur has been a coastline I go often to for renewal and connection. I have now lead and created 7 unique all women retreats in various locations, it’s been a joy and an honor to be creating healing and also playful opportunities for women to get their cups filled. I’ve taught yoga for 15 years, hosted new moon circles monthly for 8 years, and for the past 3 years started offering doula services to support women in their transition into motherhood. I love the body, the power and wisdom that's inside us all, nature is my muse, my guide, a church, teacher and sanctuary for me. I'm forever in love with nature and in awe. I am most excited to explore together the rich energies of nature within us and surrounding us. Looking forward to welcoming you fine ladies to this precious piece of nature in Big Sur. On retreat, I offer customizable private herbal YONI STEAMS in the forest to remind you of the fertile ground of wisdom in your wombs. Organic herbal face steams for your pretty faces will also be offered. I trust in the power that’s created when we come together as women in nature, it's nothing less than magic and pure joy.


Your Guest Guides:

Katie Clany
Movement Educator, Performance Artist, Writer, and Ecofeminist.  Owner of Studio Soma, in Durango, Colorado.  Dancer in 20 Moons Dance Theater. 

Yoga is my path; freedom, truth, and beauty my inspiration. I am a student, hungry to dive into the uncharted territories of our own bodies and psyches to find treasure.   I use movement to pray, return home, and remember.  I use breathe as a redemptive act of thanksgiving. I use writing to process and give voice to the marginalized and repressed voices. I believe the work of uncovering our true selves requires warrior courage, because the process is often uncomfortable, inconvenient, painful, but always worth it. I would like to make friends with fear and learn to sit, listening deeply, to the scary stories of my body and heritage.   I would like to learn the somatic poetry that my soul speaks, and I would like to learn how to write it down, translate the unspeakable into medicine for all people.  I am passionate about decolonizing the conditions that create separation and discovering the dance that unifies me to you; us to the Earth and the Great Mystery.  Many thanks to the movement forms that have shaped me:  Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Contemporary  and Modern Dance, Improvisational Dance, Contact Improv, Feldenkrais, Klein Technique, Body Mind Centering, Butoh, Aerial Arts. Many thanks to my teachers including Kathy Grant, Kathy Curran, Peter Sterios, Scott Blossom, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Atsushi Hiroki, Diego Pinon, Gerald Casel. l


I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years. My introduction to yoga was with Peter Sterios and I am honored to be involved in Tawny's retreats and women's circles leading movement and co-facilitating ceremonies. My other passion is holding space for Sacred Shakti Dance where we move and groove to beautiful songs as women. I offer this at Dharma Yoga Loft in Paso Robles. This special Retreat in Big Sur is such a gift as we explore raw nature together, expressing our true selves and growing as the creative, goddesses we are. I am so excited for another epic adventure together near the river, ocean, trees and sacred sweat lodge. Aho!


Laura is a yogi, a mama, and a nature loving song bird at heart! She is a recovering perfectionist on a healing journey of self-love and empowerment, with a passion for helping others on their own healing paths in her work as a Yoga Therapist. She has found personal solace, guidance, and inspiration from weaving her love of music with the movement and meditative-based yogic practices she has come to know and love. She is excited to guide this sister tribe to a place of self exploration, listening and expression through yoga classes and sound circles!


This is such a wonderful time to gift yourself caring touch in nature...amongst the trees, fresh air and all the beauty. In private practice over 13 years, and with a background in counseling, Lisa can feel what one needs. She is quite focused as well as very passionate about bringing a full sense of well-being into each session. Using a blend of techniques from Esalen, Lomi Lomi and CranioSacral therapies, you just may find that you release and welcome all at the same time. Special offerings for this retreat only include 30 minutes for $40, with $20 increments for each additional half hour. 

Feel free to call or email Lisa in advance if interested in signing up before hand to ensure your spot! (805)235-4588 l

Tentative Massage Schedule:
Saturday at 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30
Sunday at 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30
Monday at 11:00 & 12:30


Bethany finds peace among the trees, the stars and the trickling sounds of water. A true nature girl at heart, she believes it brings healing and power to be outside-especially with powerful women! As part of this retreat Bethany will share her love of medicinal herbs as the “Tea Goddess”, her love of warmth, community and nurturing as the “fire tender”. Her love of music will also be shared, because music and song follows her wherever she goes. 

Linda Abbot

Your photography and creative guide:

Linda Abbot
Linda helps women feel seen. Her work is inclusive, joy filled and playful. In these mini sessions exclusive to Tawny's Big Sur Women's Retreats, you will have the opportunity to collaborate in a unique photo session with Linda in nature . In your Woman Alive session and as usual with Linda’s sessions, the intention is to create a safe, creative, fun container with you to be free in your body. What better place to explore this than at a Women’s Retreat in nature! 

You can bring (one) favorite item of clothing — a dress, a long scarf, a faux fur or (one) accessory: a necklace, a bow and arrow, flowers, makeup, or not… anything that conjures up your unique and personal idea of goddess. You can also choose during the session to play with being nude, which can be a powerful experience for many women. 

$150 (paid in advance)  includes a 30-minute photography session in the woods and one final edited image of your choice. Additional photos will be available to purchase.
Only 6 sessions available. Claim your spot now! These sell out every year. 

Space limited to 20 women! Grab your spot ASAP as we will sell out!
Investment: $350

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