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Sea Turtle Yoga Adventure for Mothers + Daughters

  • Aurora Adventures Oaxacan Coast, Mexico Mexico (map)

I'm so thrilled to be co- leading this retreat with Dawn Feuerberg of Aurora Adventures and taking a small group of women, mothers + daughter back to this sacred ground to experience the beautiful nature and mysticism of this special and remote region of Southern Mexico. We are renting out a lovely private boutique hotel where we will be the only guests on property, and so will be able to fully retreat, feel at home a top this lovely ocean view property.

Included on this retreat: food, yoga, excursions to local eco-cooperatives, wildlife sanctuaries, nature exploration + hiking, afternoons at local virgin beaches, women ceremonies, divine regional cuisine, and an intimate behind the scenes tour of the National Mexican Turtle Research Center and Sea Turtle Sanctuary. Surfing, voluntourism opportunities, optional massages, Zapotec Indigenous Temezcal (Sweat Lodge) and more...

During the retreat you’ll be led through a daily class/circle that will inspire your journey through Mexico and foster a connection to self. These sessions will be a blend of gentle yoga and inward practices, tools such as singing together, meditation, graceful movements, dancing, healing touch and art will be used!

Registration open till the end of March 2019

Location matters!
The Oaxacan Coast is not Cancun! 

There are no high rises, no chain hotels, nor fast food restaurants. The area is known for its simplicity and charm, with small boutique hotels of 10 rooms or less and small family run restaurants serving fresh fish, octopus and shrimp caught each morning in the Pacific by local fishermen.

Expect to dress down, lay in a hammock watching the many beautiful birds hover overhead and listen to the pounding surf on the sun-drenched beach. Located 170 miles south of Oaxaca City, the quiet beach village stretches for a half-mile-long sand beach of the Pacific Ocean at the southernmost point of Mexico. It is on the open ocean, but protected by offshore rock, visitors enjoy long walks on the uncrowded beach and a dip into the waters warmed by average year-round 85-degree weather.

sea turtle pictures

Make a difference! 
Help the Olive-Ridley sea turtles! The Sea Turtle Sanctuary on the Pacific West Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico is of primary importance worldwide and receives the largest number of turtles in the country.

This tour was created by two Mothers, (me) Tawny Day Sterios & Dawn Feuerberg who both lead abroad retreats and travel internationally with their daughters regularly. They wanted to take their gifts abroad and share them with other Mothers and Daughters. It is not necessary to have your mother or daughter present to join this tour. If you are a Woman, you’re in! Our girls will be joining us and all ages and stages of womenhood are welcome and encouraged!!

Paul Newman said, "I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer who puts back into the soil what he takes out." 


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My Turtle Story

Turtles, Medicine, Motherhood, Longevity, Awakening to Opportunities

Since a small girl I have been drawn to turtles, and them to me it turns out. I remember being about 10, the current age of my daughter Athena, and being on a lovely vacation with my family on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico during a particularly strong storm. 
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