Postpartum Doula Help


Postpartum Doula Help


5 hours of postpartum doula help - can be broken into a few days

Nurturing new families from the start

So the mother can rest and get the support that she and her new family may need. A postpartum doula arrives to aid in this time of deep transition and provides whatever the mother most needs.

Including these things:

  • The doula provides emotional support, ie: help in processing the birth and also adjusting to this postpartum period

  • Helps with practical tasks for the family so that the mother can rest

  • Answer questions related to the birth, helps in healing from any birth complications

  • Teaches postpartum healing care i.e.: foods, herbs and exercises that are beneficial during this time.

  • Guide mother through postpartum yoga, mediations, warming the bones ritual

  • Offer vaginal steaming

  • Cook nourishing foods

  • Light cleaning, running erands, groccery shopping,

  • Help with siblings

  • Make herbal teas that aid in healing

  • Help with new born care

  • Breastfeeding support

    etc. etc. etc.

 Above all, the postpartum doula fully understands and honors the sacred window that is these first 40 days. Importance is placed on this 'cocooning period' 'the golden months' that naturally follow after a baby is born and is so very important for the mothers healing and also her bond with her newborn. Permission is given for the parents to cocoon, rest, get the tools they need to do so and adjust as they heal and grow as a new family.

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