When you help one woman, you help an entire family, and when a family is given the supprt they need we help to create a world and a future full of beauty and joy
— Tawny Sterios

What is a Doula?

The role of the Doula is to provide continuous physical and emotional support through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. During labor, the Doula’s job is to focus solely on the needs of a mother and partner, guiding the laboring woman through the use of breath, gentle massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and meditation.

However you choose to give birth, unmedicated, medicated, or surgically, the support of a Doula is incredibly beneficial in lowering stress and reducing the odds of unnecessary interventions.

Labor Doula Services

Becoming Mama Package $950

◊  1 initial meeting in person to connect/interview/get to know each other

◊  3 Prenatal Visits (1-2 hours each)

◊  Support durring the entire Labor and Delivery

◊  1 Postpartum Visit. Within 2 weeks of delivery. (2 hours)

◊  Phone/Text/E-mail Support Throughout

◊  Optional Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Privates

◊  Optional Postpartum Ceremony


Maiden to Mother Package $1,250

◊  1 initial meeting in person to connect/interview/get to know each

◊  3 Prenatal Visits (1-2 hours each)

◊ Support durring the entire Labor and Delivery

◊   2 Postpartum Visit. Within 2 weeks of delivery. (2 hours)

◊  Phone/E-mail Support Throughout

◊  2 Prenatal and or Postnatal Yoga Privates

◊  Optional Postpartum Ceremony


“Having Tawny as my doula for the birth of my son Louie was the best part of my birth plan. She has a gentle, kind, and peaceful spirit that brought calmness to my 35 hour labor. She guided my partner and I through each contraction and helped ease the pain naturally with applying pressure to my back and the use of essential oils. When the pain from my back labor became too strong and all natural methods were tried, she support my decision for an epidural. With suggestions from her, I was able to birth my son without the use of pitocin! My partner and I are forever grateful that she will always be part of our birth story”

- Elena Parisi


Blessingway — Mothering as a rite of passage

A Blessingway is traditionally a Navajo ritual created to spiritually support and empower the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood. This beautiful ritual has been adapted as an alternative to baby showers, where the focus tends to be more on the gifts and the baby, rather than on the mother and her experience. Some women choose to have both a baby shower and a Blessingway since the celebrations are so different from each other.

blessingway ceremony

A Blessingway will often include sharing positive birth stories, inspiring poems for the mothers journey ahead, henna art on the pregnant mamas belly and on guests hands, pampering the guest of honor with foot baths, massages and loys of blessings, songs and prayers.  Candles are often gifted to the guests to light when the mother goes into labor to keep the web of blessings going thought this powerful transformational time. Sometimes special beads or stones are given by each guest to create a birthing necklace or bracelet for the new mama. I am hired to host and facilitate this sweet sacred circle, and will help to design this gathering in a way that reflects the mothers wishes and deep desires. The ceremony can be held at a yoga studio, a park, a house etc..


“Tawny played an amazing and important role in my pregnancy and delivery. She provided great support and comfort through our entire time together. I am forever grateful to have met her and to have her in my life”

- Jennifer (Atascadero CA)


Postpartum Doula Services

◊  Postpartum Healing Ceremony
Intigrating being mom.... a rite of passage to honor the new unfolding mother

'Closing the Bones', 'Sealing the Bones' or also called 'Warming the Bones' is an anciet ritual passed down from Latin cultures, where for many generations there is a calling of the mothers spirit back to herself for they believe she has been a portal for carrying new life.  This modern day ceremony is also presented with some traditional postpartum ayurvedic healing techniques, herbal wisdoms, nutritious foods and sisterly support all designed to give recovery modalities both ancient and modern and practicle tools for new moms on their path into motherhood. Done after a mother has stoped bleeding post birth but can be done at any time on a mothers journey when it is needed to deeply honor her rite of passage into motherhood. I personally participated in the closing bones ceremony 7 years after my daughters birth and it still was so profound for me to honor physically, mentally and emotionaly my transition into motherhood.

◊  Postpartum Doula help
Nurturing new families from the start

So the mother can rest and get the support she and her new family need, a postpartum doula arrives to aid in this time of deep transition. The doula provides emotional support as well as helps with practical tasks for the family so that the mother can rest, and so the family can be cared for during this big time. The doula will do what the family is needing, which can consist of answering questions related to the birth, help in healing from birth, cook nourishing foods, light cleaning, running erands, groccery shopping, help with siblings, make herbal teas that aid in healing, help with new born care, breastfeeding support and also give educational and emotional support for anything that is arising for the mom and family. Above all, the postpartum doula fully understands and honors the importance of the 'cocooning period' 'the golden months' ‘the first 40 days’ that follow after a baby is born and by role modeling this respect, permission is given for the parents to cocoon, rest, adjust as they heal and grow as a new family.


◊  Vaginal Steam Healing

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 6.15.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 6.15.46 PM.png

Our wombs are at the root of our being, both literally and metaphorically. The uterus is the center of creation. Many ancient and modern traditions hold that the energies of the pelvic space to be the ground and base of female strength and wisdom. Reclaiming the tradition that the heart and the uterus are the two main energy centers in the female body. Centers that need a multidemintional healing approach that tracks for physical, emotional, and ancestral holding. Through steam and medicinal herbs, vaginal or yoni steams promote blood flow and increased oxygen to the pelvic floor area. This flood of nutition also bring with it your energy, also know as your prana or chi. Providing a holistic practice that supports our wholeness, wellness and our most optimal alignment.

Can bring relief to: menstruation issues (such as cramping, dark/brown/black blood, spotting before and after period, excessive mood swings or clotting) endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, polyps, prolapse, pcos, infertility, post-partum recovery, post-hysterectomy recovery, post-miscarriage recovery, sexual trauma recovery, and infections. In addition to these physical benefits, the 20 minutes you spend grounding into your pelvic floor can be a way to reclaim your connection to your feminine center, which is important post baby, post bleeding, or post trauma.

Scientific study on Post-Partum Recovery using vaginal steam. CLICK HERE!

*Don’t steam while pregnant or bleeding and wait 6 week after giving birth or until bleeding has stopped. Check with your doctor or medical professional first. Want to learn more about steaming? Read: Steamy ChicksOBYGN and Gwyneth Paltrow.


“Not all sentiments can be accurately described in words. I will always remember your absolute presence throughout the whole day of Max’s birth, the care, attention, and encouragement you gave us all. I couldn’t have asked for a better birth. Thanks for imparting so much of your wisdom and love, giving me an ability to tap into a deeper strength than I ever knew I had.”

- Vanessa (San Luis Obispo, CA)



Tawny Sterios is a mother, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, a doula, circle guide and nature enthusiast.

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